logan paul boxing after
KSI, Logan Paul

Logan Paul: “I thought I won… …100% in the United States, going to get that victory.”

Logan Paul has claimed in a post-fight interview that he thought he won the fight but that KSI’s experience help him get ahead in the last rounds of the fight.

Though he won the first few rounds, he claimed that the energy demands of boxing took a massive toll by the end of the fight.

During the fight Logan Paul got off to a great start, clearly winning the first 2 rounds. KSI fought back and began to turn things around and by the later rounds Logan Paul looked tired and possibly close to being knocked out.

Logan Paul is confident of a victory in a rematch though, stating: “100%, in the United States, going to get that victory”.

The rematch is likely to take place in February 2019 in California or Nevada.






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