KSI, Logan Paul

Bookies back KSI to Beat Logan Paul

With less than 5 days left until the big fight between Youtubers KSI and Logan Paul, countless celebrities have weighted in on who they think will claim victory.

The bookies however have the most at stake and they have weighted in, backing KSI ($1.50) over Logan Paul ($2.50).

That means investing $100 into KSI winning would yeild a $50 profit if he beat the oldest Paul brother on August 25th.

If Logan however comes out on top of KSI at the Manchester Arena, a $100 bet would result in $150 in profit.

The difference in odds suggest the bookies strongly favor KSI and believe he is the more likely fighter to win on the day.

The fight in the Manchester Arena may not be the only fight between the two immensely popular Youtubers.

Their contract included a second fight to be held in the USA, not later than the end of Febuary in 2019.

The contract does contain a clause, however, alloing either fighter to back out of the fight within 90 days of August 25th, meaning the 2nd fight is not yet confirmed.

The boxing match between KSI and Logan Paul will possibly be the biggest boxing match in history that did not involve professional fighters. Both fighters have stated that they want to become pro in the future, meaning there is a lot riding on the outcome of this match.


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