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PewDiePie on verge of being overtaken by T-Series

For a very long time PewDiePie has been the most subscribed Youtuber.

For as long as almost anyone can remember, the Swede has been on top.

All that is on the verge of changing however… and by a channel most have never heard of!

A channel called T-Series has 60 million subscribers and counting. They are only approximately 5 million subs behind PewDiePie.

5 million is no amount to scoff at- but T-Series has received an astounding 4.3 MILLION subscribers in only the LAST 30 DAYS.

This means they are on track to become the #1 most subscribed Youtube channel within much less than 2 months.

Even more crazy is their view count for the last 30 days… wait for it… 2.1 BILLION VIEWS. Billion with a B. In 30 days!

They are the #1 channel in the world for views in the last 30 days according to Social Blade.

Stay tuned for our upcoming profile on T-Series to find out who they are!

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